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Volume compensator M4L patch

This patch compensates volume after passing some plugins.

Consist of Sender and Receiver. S measures RMS or LUFS and R adjusts output level to same value. Put some plugins between them, make tweaks and listen changes only, no loudness increase or decrease.

3.3 Updated GUI for reflecting Live's colours

3.2 Added Receiver Auto and Manual sett modes

3.1 Single file patch 


3..0.1 fixed No sound when transport is inactive, fixed routing

3.0 Added LUFS metering, Routing incteased to 30 channels. Small bug fixes.

2.0 New clear GUI, now possible to bypass all processing whatever it contains (native, M4L, VST, AU), Matched RMS now becomes green on Receiver, small bugfixes.

1.1 Added 5 groups to use in one project if there is need.

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Volume compensator M4L patch

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